Sunday, 19 November 2017


I didn't get to write to you yesterday and I hope you didn't miss me too much. I hope too, that you didn't worry about me 'cos me and my humans are all very well thank you. I shall explain what happened.

There was a party in our Hall that my humans wanted to go to, but it was very windy---still!--- on my little island and my MH wasn't sure if she should go out so she thought we would write to you in the evening, but then my friend J. and his daddy came and helped her into her car, so I was left all alone and by the time the old dear comed back to me, it was too late to write to you. See?

I did try and keep them in by asking to get out to play just as they had to leave my house, but it didn't work and I am afraid it was my adorable little tummy that let me down 'cos as soon as my DH put down some Dreamies for me, I left my escape route and rushed over to my mat and this let my humans get out the door without me escaping. And I thought I was the crafty one in my house!

It has been a much better day for weather on my island so I have been in and out a lot and have been a very happy Squeak indeed. I hope you have been very happy too.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Four or Five......

..... or maybe six. Remember I told you that I might go out again last night a couple of times? Well, I did, but it was a lot more than a couple. I think it might even have been about six times 'cos I know my MH was sleeping in her wee bed and my DH was getting tired having to keep opening the window or the door for me. But I needed out, so that was that!

It was still very windy, but I just put on all my braveness and headed out into the dark time and had lots of little explores before heading home to have a heat, a cuddle and something to eat. And that has been what my day today has been like.

It has been a dreadful day again on my little island and I asked my MH to take these pictures for you so that you could see what my weather has been like. I still went out though, and the bush that is blowing in the wind, is where I run and shelter out of the wind and it is very near to my window so I don't have too far to go.

I am hoping that it might be better tomorrow but my little weather man friend told me it has to get worser, but me and my MH have our fingers crossed that maybe he is a wee bit wrong 'cos I want out to explore and my humans have to go to a party in the Hall tomorrow night and my MH needs it to be not too windy so that she can take her new knee out for a wee dance and she doesn't want it to be a howling gale.

I think I have my paws crossed that they can go out, but I'm not too sure.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Much Better Day...

... well, inside anyway. Outside was dreadful with hail and rain and gale force winds shouting all round my house. Inside, both my humans were here with me and that makes me very happy indeed so I didn't really mind the dreadful weather and I still managed out a few times.

In fact, I'm afraid I made my MH a wee bit worried 'cos just as I went out, the hail came on really, really heavy and the old dear was worried that it would hurt my adorable little body, but what she didn't know was that I had found a wee place to shelter until it went away again and then I scooted home as fast as I possibly could and my MH gived me an enormous great big cuddle which I loved.

I have just been out in it again but now I am lovely and cosy sitting on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her lap top and there I intend to stay until I get the urge to attack the outside again later on.

Sorry MH :-))

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A Lonely Squeak

I was up very early this morning and it was still very dark, so I was quite excited about it but then I saw both my humans were up too and putting on the clothes that they wear to go to the town and I was a bit sad.

I sat on my MH’s knee hoping that she might miss the boat but she told me she had to take her new knee to see the doctor and my DH was going with her. I was a wee bit upset but naturally I understood. I went out to play for a wee while in the darkness and I liked it lots but while my humans were away, I just had a snooze till they comed home again.

After I had my cuddles I went out to play again and guess what? It was dark time again! So I had sleeped all during the day time but played outside in the dark times.

Funny, eh? Oh, and by the way, the doctor was very happy with my MH’s knee so that was good.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

More of the Same

My days are much the same just now. They are good days, but there isn't too much excitement or outside times so they are just a wee bit the same. I don't mind really, 'cos if I get a wee bit bored I only have to as one of my humans to amuse me and they do, so it is OK.

It wasn't too bad a day on my little island so I have been outside lots of times but most of the cows are inside their sheds for the winter and the sheeps are all away in another field so it can be a wee bit lonely for a friendly, adorable puss. Sigh

One of our friends came to see me and my MH today and that was good 'cos she talked to me and gave me a wee cuddle. My MH showed her the bead card that is all finished now and she told M. how much help I had gived her and M. called me a very good puss. I liked that. LOTS!

I am still having lots of outside times before bedtime and I have a little routine now and it is like this. I go through to bed with my MH and sit with her till she puts the light out and then I go and find my DH and he lets me out and in, and then after a wee while, out and in again and depending on when he goes to bed, maybe some more out and in times!

I like being out in the dark time!

Monday, 13 November 2017

A Good Monday

My DH nipped away to the Cat Shop this morning and me and my MH were having our usual morning chat when we got some visitors and it was good 'cos they made a great big fuss of me which I just loved. While they were in my house, I nipped in and out of the window lots of times and that made the visitors smile.

The rest of my day was just normal --- nipping in and out and helping my MH to do whatever she needed to do. She is making a card with lots of little sparkly beads and I like to sit on the back of my couch and watch her, but I know not to touch them 'cos I did that once and the little packet with all the beads in it fell on the floor and lots of the little beads landed on my carpet and the old dear wasn't best pleased, but she just smiled and asked me to please not do it again. Which I haven't!

Today wasn't bad on my little island but it is now after dinner time and my adorable little tummy is full 'cos I have just had my dinner, but I can't get out to hunt and explore 'cos it is pouring with rain, so my little body is plonked on my MH's knee and my head is on her laptop while she is telling you all this.

I hope the rain will go off soon 'cos I really need out. NOW!!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

A New Name

My MH gived ne a new nick-name today. She has lots of names for me and most of them are good, but sometimes she calls me a monkey or a horror or a monster when I am being a little bit naughty--- which isn't very often as you can imagine. Hee hee

But today she called me a new name and that was 'jack in the box! I think I will have to explain why she called me this. If I tell you that the weather on my beloved little island still isn't to our liking, that will probably help you to understand. I had been out a couple of times but in the afternoon, I told the old dear that I needed to go out and she opened the door for me, and eventually I went out,

I stayed out for just a little while nd then when I comed in, I had a wee warm up again and then asked to go out. I had only been in for about ten minutes! I'm afraid I did this about four times and that's when she said I was like a jack in the box! But she still loves me.

Later on in the afternoon I got a surprise and I did something funny. My friend S. comed to see me and that was my surprise and I made her and my MH laugh when she was going home 'cos we all went into my porch while she put on her coat and she had put her hat onto the stool at the door. Can you guess what I am going to tell you?

Well, when we were in the porch, S. and my MH were chatting so much that they didn't see me jumping up onto the stool and when S. went to put her hat on, she nearly picked me up to plonk me on her head instead! She stopped just in time, but oh my, how we giggled.

It was SO funny!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Even More Brrrr

Oh my goodness me. It has been SO cold and wet and windy on my little island today. In fact, my dear little weather man friend told me that we were going to be colder than Moscow today! Well, I of course had to ask my MH where that was and when she told me I had a wee shiver. Mind you, I was standing at the door at the time! Hee hee

Now, I hear you ask. Did it keep me indoors? And I am sure you will not be surprised when you hear that it did NOT!! I wrapped my adorable little self up in all my intrepidness and shot out into the frozen ness to hunt and play for a little time. I didn’t hang around and kept on moving just in case I got frozen to the spot, but you all know what I got when I decided to go home again, sure you do? It never fails. My cuddles are always there and I love them MILLIONS!!

My blog friends have been a wee bit worried about me, but please know that I am very fine and just looking forward to a day when it won’t be hailing and winding on me.

Maybe tomorrow?

Friday, 10 November 2017


Oh dear me. I have been a very frozed little puss every time I have put my adorable little nose outside my house. It has been SO cold on my little island. In fact, at one time there was so much hail falling down on to the ground that my humans couldn't hear the radio. Oh it was so loud! We all had a wee giggle about it, though.

I showed my humans how brave I was 'cos I went outside quite a lot of times and when I comed home my MH had to give me the biggest warm-up cuddle ever because I was so very, very cold. But I soon warmed up and had a snooze on my couch. I shall be doing the same later on but I need to have a wee sleep first.

I don't have very much news because I have just been doing lots of the same things in my house like helping the old dear when she is doing her exercises or making her card and she talks to me all the time which I just love.

So, although I have been nearly frozed stiff, I am still a very happy little Squeak.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Happy Squeak

I had a very good sleep all cuddled up beside my MH and it was 'specially good 'cos we had one of our midnight chats although it wasn't really at midnight. It was more like four o'clock in this morning but it was pitch black, so we couldn't really see one another but I could hear her talking to me and she could hear me purring back.

Our little chat started when she had to get up to use her litter tray and I made her smile when I walked very slowly in front of her to show her where to go. I had to do that 'cos she told me that although her eyes were open, the rest of her was still asleep! I sat in front of the toilet door so she didn't get lost and she appreciated that. And it was when I got her back to bed safely again, that we had or wee chat before we both falled asleep and we were both very happy.

It hasn't been a very good day on my little island with lots of rain and wind and even some hailstones and my little weather man friend told me it has to get a lot worser so I was not very happy. I did manage out to play a couple of times but it was cold and wet so I comed home very quickly.

Right now I am snuggled up beside my MH with my adorable little head on her lap top and I will be staying there until it is time for me to gather up all my intrepidness and head out into the weather before bed time.

Oh yes. A puss has to do what a puss has to do!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Just Normal

We were all back to normal today with my DH going away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop. He hasn't been going for a wee while 'cos he hasn't been very well, but me and my MH have looked after him so well that he decided it was time to go back to work, so oft he went.

Me and the old dear settled down for a while and had a cuddle and a chat before she did a little bit of housework and I watched her before having a snooze. I had already been out to play as soon as I got up and since I had finished all my breakfast and my wee drop of milk, there was nothing else for it really, so I had a sleep until my MH wakened me up when she had to lie down on my bed to do her exercises.

I like when she does that 'cos while her new knee is working hard, she is cuddling me and chatting to me all the time and I would very happily let her do that all day.

I managed to get out to play a few times but it was rather wet and windy, so I didn't stay out too long and had to wait for a dry-me cuddle when I got back in. It is definitely worth getting rained on and winded on just to get a cuddle.

Oh yes!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Box Full of Happiness

Most pussy cats send their humans to the shop to get their dinners, but not this adorable little puss. I have mine specially delivered by the postman and I get so many that he needs a special big red van to carry them. And today was delivery day. I do get quite excited when my parcel arrives and I help my MH open it all up and then I spend lots and lots of time just sniffing up all the lovely dinner smells. Heaven!

It tooked her quite a long time to get everything sorted out and I had to have a good look inside the box to make sure she hadn't left anything inside and she tooked this picture for you which I am sure you will like.

The rest of my day was just normal and I was in and out a lot, but my MH said I was in a 'sooky' mood 'cos I kept looking for her and snuggling up beside her for a cuddle. I know she likes that and today I needed lots of cuddles. I was feeling fine but there are just some days when I need to be cuddled lots and lots.

And today was one of those days.

Monday, 6 November 2017

More Wet

I was a worried little puss this morning until my MH helped put my adorable little mind at rest. You see, when we got up this morning I realised it was going to be another wet day, but I also realised that I would have to go out and that's when I got worried 'cos I have heard my humans talking about things shrinking in the wet and I was frightened that if I got wet lots of times, I might shrink too, but my MH told me that would never happen so I was happier then. You see, I am quite a little puss and I really don't want to get any littler.

I have spent the day getting wet and not shrinking! Hee hee I have been in and out lots of times and one time when I comed I was so soaking wet that I shooked myself as soon as I landed on my carpet and my poor old DH, who had let me in, got soaked too. Oh, we did all laugh and then I got dried and my DH had to dry himself too.

I have helped my MH do all her work and I know she likes that lots and I watched her making her bead card without messing all the beads up and she appreciated that too.

I am such a considerate, adorable little puss am I not? Yes, is the word you are looking for!!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

What a Day

I had a very good sleep last night and I only wakened up once so I was up quite early this morning and straight out to play as soon as I had finished my breakfast. And it was then I got a great big shock 'cos as well as being really cold on my adorable little body, at one time I got hailed upon! I was not happy at all, but fortunately I was quite near my house, so I scooted back as fast as my four (adorable!) little legs could take me and battered on the window till my MH opened it for me, and I shot into my living room and waited for my warm-me-up cuddle which was brilliant.

I did that quite a lot of times through the day but I didn't get hailed on again, I just got very cold and a wee bit wet, but every time I went back home, my MH lifted me up and cuddled me till I was lovely and warm again.

I have a good day and when I was inside my house, I was able to help my MH do lots of things. She is still doing all her exercises and I watch her when she is doing that. Then I helped her make a card with lots of little coloured beads and I liked that although I'm not too sure if the old dear appreciated me trying to arrange the little beads on the table for her. She tutted lots of times, so I am guessing I was not too helpful!

You would never know though, 'cos she is NEVER angry with me 'cos she loves me millions!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

More Outside Times

We all had a long sleep this morning and I am afraid I made my MH tired 'cos I wakened her up lots of times through the night. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just couldn't sleep and I needed some cuddles, so I did everything I could to waken her up. I licked her nose and put a little claw in her lug and that's the one that always does the trick. I had already knocked her perfumes off the dressing table but that didn't work so I had to resort to being physical. That did it!

So, when it was time to get up, I was too tired so I let the old dear get up alone then I had another little snooze. By lunchtime I was ready to do some exploring and I had good fun but it was just a little bit cold for me. I am considering getting a woolly coat and I thought I might ask the sheeps for some of their wool which I could stick together and wear during the cold days when I can't cuddle up to my MH.

I'm afraid I made my MH a wee bit worried after dinner time 'cos I stayed out for a long, long time and she doesn't like when I do that. The funny thing was, that we were both thinking the same thing at the same time 'cos when she comed outside to call for me, I was busy bounding across the wet grass to get to my house, so we had a wee giggle when I got in.

Then I got another great big cuddle! Yippee!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Not Much News

My day has just been a normal one but a good one. I don't have very much news for you 'cos there is not much happening on my little island. It is maybe quiet outside but my house has been busy inside although there has still been lots of time for me which is the main thing.

My MH is feeling a lot better now and she is doing lots more things with her new knee, but I keep very close to her in case she needs me and this afternoon I sat on the chair in my kitchen while she made some pancakes and buns for me and my DH and as usual, I got a little Squeak sized pancake which was lovely.

I was outside a lot of times but all my little friends have gone away for the winter and there are just a few sheeps for me to talk to, so there is no reason to stay out too long and I just kept nipping back in to see what was happening in my house. The old dear was finishing all her cards for Christmas so I plonked my adorable little body right beside her while she stucked all the insides in her cards and she talked to me all the time while I just purred back to her.

It was good and it made me feel a very important little puss. Which, of course, I am!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

A Much Better Day

I had a very good sleep all cuddled up beside my MH and when I wakened up this morning I just lay and listened. I 'spected to hear the rain and the wind, but I just heard my DH snoring--hee hee--so I listened some more, but there was no rain and there was no wind so I was very happy.

I wakened my MH with a gentle poke of one of my adorable little claws on one of her not so adorable little lugs and when she wakened up, she gave me my breakfast and then opened the window for me to get out to play. I had brilliant fun and I liked it lots. It was cold but dry and calm and so I was able to stay out for a long time.

And so that was my Thursday. Out to play for long times then inside for wee snoozes or big cuddles from my humans so I was really happy and I am hoping that my Friday will be as good. I shall let you know.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Wet Wednesday

So, I got up with my MH and we both had our breakfast and then I did what I always do and that was ask to go outside. The old dear opened the door for me but as soon as my nose hit the outside, I decided that it was too wet for this adorable little puss and by the time my MH had got the door closed I was on my couch. Oh dear!

I tried the window but it was raining there too, so I decided just to go back to my little bed. I wasn't altogether happy, but I wasn't for getting soaking wet, so I am afraid I moped for a little while until my MH comed and found me. She tickled me and cuddled me until I had cheered up again, but I still didn't go outside.

I had quite a few naps and then I noticed that the rain wasn't just as heavy, so I tried the door again and this time I was successful and headed out into my garden which was good fun. The rest of my day was much the same but I did manage a couple of trips outside for little times.

After my dinner, I was all ready to settle down on my MH's knee when her and my DH went out to go to a meeting so I am afraid I had another little strop. Well, I don't like being left all alone, but they must have known that 'cos they were back to me really quickly and my strop disappeared. Yippee!

It is still wet and a bit windy so I don't know whether I will go ut later on, but if I don't I shall just accept it and not have another tantrum.

I don't think I will get away with too many of those! Hee hee

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

And A Gooder Tuesday

Oh, I am a very happy puss just now. Mind you, I am usually a happy puss so there's no change there, really. Remember I told you that I might go out to play again last night? Well, I did. I had a long sleep after my dinner and then I sat on my MH's knee after she had her shower. I like that lots 'cos she puts on her big furry dressing gown and it is so cosy and soft on my adorable little body and I just LOVE it millions!

We sat together for a while and then the old dear decided it was bed time, so I went with her to make sure she got to sleep OK and as soon as she put the light out, I found my DH and asked him to let me out which he did. I had brilliant fun hunting in all the dark and then as soon as I was a bit tired, I asked to be let in again and jumped on to my bed and had a brilliant sleep with my MH. So it was a super night.

Today was good fun too 'cos I helped the old dear change the sheets and duvet covers and that is a game I love playing. It is just brilliant fun for me and for her too. Then it was big surprise time when my friend S. came to see me and I got lots and lots of cuddles while I snuggled up to her and gave her some of my very bestest purrs which she liked.

I'm afraid I was a wee bit naughty when she was here but it made her and my MH laugh a lot so it couldn't have been too bad. I was on the window sill and I asked to be let out of the window. My MH got up and opened the window for me but I scooted in behind the curtain and didn't go out but as soon as she sat down, I asked again and this time my friend S. said she would try and I am sure you can all guess what I did? Yep, I toddled out like the good, adorable puss I am!

They both chuckled at me and called me a rascal, but I know they love me really!

Monday, 30 October 2017

A Good Monday

I have had a super day. A very good day indeed and, since it is only after dinner time, I will have more good times before I need to go to sleep, so that is most agreeable.

I wakened up this morning and listened, but there was no wind so I knew I would be outside a lot. I ate up all my breakfast and then I was off out into the outside to see what was happening and I got back in time to have my little drink of milk. The rest of my Monday morning was just the usual. I helped my MH with her housework and her exercises but then I got a big surprise when she asked me if I wanted to go outside with her.

Yippee! I was standing at the door before she had even finished asking me. We had good fun just wandering about my garden but then the rain came on and we had to go inside again, but it had been good and I am hoping we will do it again tomorrow.

I made my MH smile 'cos at one time today, she came to look for me and when she called my name, I was down exploring at the big shed, but when I heard her, I started to run really fast and jumped straight through the fence to get beside her and she smiled at me and told my DH I was like a little racehorse which made me smile inside too.

I am resting just now but as soon as I have gathered up all my energy again, then I will head out and see what is happening in the dark time on my little island. I am quite excited.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Better At Last

We have had a much better day today 'cos at last, the naughty wind has started to behave itself and it isn't blowing as hard as it has been, plus we all had an extra hour in our beds because for some reason, my humans decided to put all the clocks back and I am a wee bit worried in case they get into trouble or even miss the boat, but they seem happy with it, so I shall try not to worry too much.

I was a wee bit sleepy this morning 'cos me and my MH had been up through the night and then when we went back to bed, I put my adorable little self on top of her and we had a wee whispered chat in the darkness and I like these times 'cos they are very special.

My MH was very happy today because the better weather meant that she could get out to go to the Hall with all the other peoples and she liked that. I had to be left in my house all on my own but I didn't mind too much 'cos I was happy that my MH was away out. And they comed back to me soon so that was very fine.

You will see that the old dear finally tooked a new picture of me which I hope you will like. I think I look quite fetching! I hope we have a good day tomorrow 'cos I am looking forward to being out for a long time.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

A Question

How can this adorable little puss be a bit sad and a lot happy at the same time? Shall I explain? OK, here goes. As I told you yesterday, my humans were hoping to go to the Halloween party in the Hall last night and yours truly was to be left all alone. Sigh.

BUT, the weather was awful with lots and lots of big naughty winds blowing all over my little island and my MH decided that her new knee wouldn’t like it so they decided to stay at home with me. I was very, very happy, but then I saw how upset the old dear was and I was a wee bit sad. See?

I tried to make her a bit happier with lots of cuddles and I think it helped, but then I made her worried ‘cos I kept going away out in the wind and she doesn’t like when I do that. And then to make it a lot worse, I went out at bedtime and didn’t come back until one o’clock in this morning and she was REALLY worried, but as usual I was very fine.

The naughty wind is still blowing but it hasn’t kept me in and I have made my humans really busy opening and closing the window for me. I haven’t told them yet, but I am intending having another late night.

Sorry, MH.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Lots of Wind

It has been very windy on my little island today so, although I did get outside quite a few times, I didn’t stay out very long ‘cos the naughty wind was trying to blow me away, but I stucked my adorable little claws into the ground and refused to go. So there!

There is always lots for me to do in my house and me and my MH played on our bed while she was watching her knee do all its exercises and we had really good fun. That was before I upset her a little when I made her open the door for me three times and didn’t go out on any of them. She finally asked my DH to do it ‘cos I don’t argue as much with him. I just know my MH never gets angry with me although she did call me a ‘wee monkey’ today. But she was smiling when she said it.

My humans are hoping to go to the Halloween Party tonight but the old dear isn’t sure if she should take her knee out in all this wind. We shall see and I will let you know tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

And Still Happy...

... but I still don't have any new photographs for you 'cos I have either been outside having lots of fun or sleeping to recover so maybe I will be able to pose for you tomorrow.

I'm afraid my MH was a bit worried about me this morning 'cos I only had a wee nibble at my breakfast then went straight to bed and slept till nearly dinner time. She did two lots of exercises and I didn't even help so she was a little bit concerned, but then I suddenly wakened up and asked to go out to play and I was out for a long time before I decided I was hungry and came home to gobble up all my dinner, so the old dear was a lot happier.

She does worry about me but I am a very well little puss. I was just a little bit tired this morning and I have promised to help her with her last lot of exercises.

I know she will like that lots.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Much Happier

I am a much happier puss today because my little weather man friend heard that I wasn't happy with what he was doing with my weather and he made it a bit better for me. It wasn't as good as I would have really wanted, but it was a tad better and it meant that I could get outside for long times lots of times and that made me a much happier little Squeak. So, thank you weather man.

There was also lots of fun while I was inside 'cos as well as helping my MH with her exercises, I played with her too and that was brilliant. We were on our bed watching her leg do all its hard work and when it was finished, my MH wrapped me up in my blanket and tickled me lots and I pretended I was oh so fierce and tried to escape and it was just magic. I just have to be very careful what I am doing with my adorable little claws 'cos I don't want to hurt her, but she understands.

We are all watching football tonight and then I shall head outside again if the weather is still not too bad. I really need my wander round about my patch before bedtime 'cos that always helps me sleep well. And that means my MH sleeps well too.


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I am fed up with this rotten weather! There, I have said it. I have tried to be patient and I have waited and waited for the rain to go off so that I can get out to do what an adorable little puss such as I NEEDS to do, but eventually I just went outside and managed to find a little spot that wasn't too wet so I was a little bit happier.

I wasn't fed up when I was inside 'cos there was lots for me to do. My MH was a wee bit busy doing her exercises and she was making some cards too, so naturally I had to supervise and make sure everything was done properly. I did get a little bit too close at one point and my adorable little paws nearly got covered in some of her glue and if she hadn't told me not to get too near, I might have been stuck to the desk for ever! Oh deary me, that would have been just terrible. I would never have been able to play in my garden or cuddle up to my MH again, so that was a very narrow escape. Phew!

I have just one little complaint and that is that the old dear isn't putting me in her camera and all the photos she is showing you are old ones, so I have asked if she will take some new ones of yours truly and she says she will try tomorrow but if she has to use her stick, then it is hard for her to take photographs, but she says she will try very hard.

Just for me!

Monday, 23 October 2017

A Soggy Monday

It never stopped raining for the en-tire day! Oh dear, I was not a happy puss at all. I tried to go out about three or four times today but got as far as the door and turned back--- very quickly! I even tried at the window but it was just as bad there so I stayed on my window sill and stared out at the rain and was not happy.

After a while, I decided that I was fed up being a chicken instead of a brave, adorable puss cat and I asked for the window to be opened again, and this time I flew out into the outside and into the rain. I managed to find some shelter under one of our bushes but I didn't stay out too long 'cos I knew my MH would be worrying about me and she needed me as well, so that was my reason for just staying out for a little, little while. It had nothing at all to do with me not liking being wet.

Mind you, the best bit about being wet, is getting cuddled dry when I go home again, so if it is still raining when I have had my after dinner nap, I might try heading outside again. I shall consider that option as I sleep!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A Funny Sunday

It was just me and the Boss in my house today 'cos my DH had to go to Stromness so we were all up a wee bit earlier than normal on a Sunday so that he could catch the boat and we had to say 'cheerio' to him. When he had gone away, me and my MH sat on my couch for a chat and then she stroked my adorable little lugs while she watched Jessica solving all the murders again. I am not too keen on the Jessica programme but I love sitting with my MH while she is watching it.

My day just carried on as normal with me nipping outside lots of times and managing to nip back in again before the rain comed on. And of course there were the exercises! My MH told me she has to do them for lots of weeks yet, but she said they are helping her new knee so that is good. She also told me that it helps her when I am beside her and that made me happy.

In the afternoon my DH comed back and he told us all about his day which had been a good one for him, so that was good. So, although it has been a funny, different Sunday, it has still been a very good one and I hope your Sunday has been good too.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Just Another Saturday

... but, as you all know, I like Saturdays and this one was a good one for me. I nipped outside as soon as I had finished my breakfast and I had a good look round my patch to make sure there were no naughty doggies or pussy cats who shouldn't have been there and as soon as I was satisfied that it was all clear, I nipped back in just in time for my little drop of milk. I do love my wee drop of milk.

The rest of my day was just kind of normal for just now which was resting and then lying on my bed beside my MH while she made her new knee do all its exercises. Can I tell you a wee secret? When my humans are sleeping, I find a wee corner in my house and I do my MH's exercises to make my adorable little legs stronger so that I can chase any unwanted visitors to my garden!

I got a lovely surprise when my friend S. comed to see us and I got lots of lovely strokes and cuddles from her which I just loved.

So, I have had a lovely Saturday.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Still No News

But no news is good news, sure it is? I have had a very good day just doing pussy cat things and things to help my MH although one time I made her do her ‘oof’ sound even louder ‘cos I landed rather heavily right on her tummy but once she got her breath back we had a good wee giggle, although she might have been still gasping for breath! Hee hee

I got a wee bit of a shock this afternoon when one of our friends arrived at my house with a DOG!! Not allowed, I purred very loudly, but the doggie stayed out while I stayed in and glowered at it from my window sill.

Apart from that, my day has been a good one and I hope you have had a good day too.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Not Much News

It has been another quiet day in my house and it is kind of quiet on my little island too, so there isn't very much news for me to tell you, I'm afraid.

We all had a quiet morning and as usual my MH spent lots of times doing her exercises---with me at her side of course. While she is counting, she strokes my adorable little body and I like that lots so I purr for her and she likes THAT lots!

My DH went away to the pier to get all our messages and when he comed home, him and me played with the string off the box which was really good fun.

So, although things are lots quieter, I am still having lots of fun and I am still a very happy little Squeak.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Much Quieter House

We didn’t have any visitors today except for the peoples that brought my MH’s new washing machine up to my house from the pier and put it into my utility room so that my DH can plug it in and let her do some more washing. The old boy was at the Cat Shop so she will need to wait until tomorrow.

The weather wasn’t too bad so I was in and out lots of times but every time I comed home, my MH gave me a big cuddle. She was particularly happy when I popped in the window after my DH went away in his car ‘cos she is always frightened now that I have decided to explore his engine again, but I think I have learned my lesson there!

We just spent the day doing little bits of work and of course the old dear had lots of exercises to do with her knee so I had to do lots of encouraging purrs which always makes her happy.

I am snoozing on my couch now while my DH is watching football but he is not happy ‘cos his team is not winning yet and he is sighing a lot. Oh dear. I have a feeling he is going to be tutting lots more and my purrs are not going to help.

Oh deary me!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What a Night!

There were eight other peoples in my house tonight! So, with my two humans there were ten knees for me to sit on. It was brilliant and I was very happy, but to be honest, I spent the most of my time on my MH’s knee ‘cos that is the bestest.

Now, I know you will want to know why my house was so busy. Well, all those peoples needed to have a meeting and because my MH can’t take her new knee out to play yet, they all comed here and I for one was very happy. I had a very good day up till then ‘cos I was outside lots of times. The weather was quite good for most of the day so it was good fun outside and I did lots of hunting and playing.

There was lots for me to do inside ‘cos my MH needs me to help her do all her knee exercises. I lie on the bed beside her and purr while she works hard and she told me that makes her very happy. So that makes ME happy too.

Monday, 16 October 2017

A VERY Blowy Monday

I thought yesterday was blowy but today was even worse. I heard my humans talking about somebody called Ophelia who was bringing wind and rain with her. I didn’t see her, but the wind and the rain were certainly here!

It was a fine morning and after my breakfast I went outside for a long time and I stayed out so long that I didn’t get to say cheerio to my DH before he went away to the Cat Shop and I think that made him a wee bit sad, but I was having lots of good fun.

I spent the rest of my day nipping in and out but it was a bit windy and sometimes it was very wet, so I didn’t stay out too long and then spent the rest of the day sleeping on my lots of beds until I got a big surprise when my friend S. comed to see me. She said she was here to see how my MH was, but I knew she was really here to see me.

We had good fun together and she gave me lots of cuddles which we both really enjoyed. I like it lots when she comes to see me. And she likes it too.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Blowy Sunday

I am really quite pleased with my adorable little self 'cos although it hasn't been a very good day, I wrapped myself up in my intrepidness and headed outside into the not very nice weather.

I have to do this 'cos I am a brave puss but all the time I am outside, my poor old MH worries about me and she is always very pleased to see me back inside with her. And, she also need me to help her with her exercises in case she forgets how to count! Hee hee. She told my DH that as well as her knee getting stronger, she is getting strong tummy muscles with yours truly landing on them. She still does the 'oof' sound but I know she really likes it when I am beside her.

There isn't very much news for you today 'cos my house has been quite quiet but we have all had a very good day and me and the Boss are now on my couch watching the dancing which we both like and I am now on my rightful position which is on her knee although I am very careful to put my adorable little body on top of her good knee and not her stitched up one and she is very grateful for that.

More brownie points for me!!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

I Like Saturdays....

... and this one was a good Saturday for me although I nearly upset my DH but I will tell you about that later. Me and my MH were up first this morning and we sat on my couch and had one of our little chats which I love.

We had a few of these through the night when she had to get up and when we got back to bed, I put my adorable little body on her chest and she stroked me as she whispered that she loved me millions and that made me purr very loudly with lots of happiness. When she was having her breakfast I got my little drop of milk and then I went outside for what was the first of my many exploring trips which I liked even though it was a wee bit cold.

In the afternoon time I helped my MH with her exercises and yes, I’m afraid I did jump on her again but she was ok with it so maybe I will keep doing that. So, what did I do to annoy my DH? Well, it was more what I didn’t do I’m afraid. My humans were getting their dinner and I thought I might go out to play so I politely asked for the door to be opened which my DH did, but I s’pose you can guess what I did? Yep, I decided not to go out and he was a tad annoyed especially as I asked again as soon as he sat down. Oops!

I saw the look on his face and decided that I had better go out. So I did - - - and I liked it!

Friday, 13 October 2017

More ‘oof’ sounds

I am so busy concentrating on not landing on my MH’s new knee, that I keep landing on bits that make her do that funny noise and to be honest, it always makes me giggle a wee bit. But we won’t tell the old dear that, will we?

We have all had a good day but as I feared, the vacuum cleaner was out and it tooked my DH all over my house while the Boss supervised. I did get out to play a lot but it was a bit cold on my little island, so I had lots of short trips. AND, I had lots of trips to my door just deciding whether or not to try to go out and my MH was getting just a tad annoyed ‘cos the wind was blowing on her too and she just wanted me to make up my mind.

Which I did. Eventually!!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

An Uneventful Day...

...but a good day just the same. I did go out to play lots of times but I had a good look round before I went outside in case that very naughty puss had comed back into my territory, but it wasn’t there, so I was able to enjoy myself without having to fight for it!

It is still lovely and quiet in my house although I did hear the old dear asking my DH if he would take the vacuum cleaner out tomorrow, so it won’t be as quiet then. However, I have had lots of quiet days so one busy one will be ok by me.

I’m afraid I have been making my MH do a lot of her ‘ooff’ noises again ‘cos sometimes when she is lying on her bed making her new knee do all its exercises, I sort of leap from the doorway and sort of land on her tummy and that’s when she makes that funny noise.

I think she likes it really!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

What a Day!

I have been in a fight! I will let that sink in for a minute before I explain. It was just me and my MH in my house today ‘cos my DH had gone away to the Cat Shop and I knew I had to look after her very specially and so I made a ginormous decision to stay in and take very good care of her. So far so good.

There I was, just looking out of my window minding my own business when I noticed another pussy cat in my garden. NO WAY!! I wasn’t going to let that happen, so I flew out of my window as fast as my little birdie friends and I pounced on this unwanted visitor and chased it away.

There was a little bit of a fight and an awful lot of squealing and squawking and I’m afraid I gave my MH a great big fright. She tried to see what was happening but she was so slow on her sticks that me and the enemy were well gone by the time she got even near the window. She hobbled out the door to see if she could find me and then got more worried when she didn’t see me, so she went back inside and just waited for me to come home.

It took me rather a long time ‘cos I had to make sure my patch was secure and I know that made my MH even more worried and I am really sorry about that, but a puss has to do these things and I know she understands.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

A Better Day

It has been a wet day but I have been in and out lots of times and I have enjoyed it. It is a bit quiet in my house just now ‘cos my MH can’t do much housework until her new knee knows how to do it, so there hasn’t been any vacuum cleaner out for a wee while. However, I did hear her mentioning to my DH that maybe he could do some hoovering later on. I didn’t hear his answer!

I have had lots of cuddles from the old dear and I have been helping her with her exercises and we have both liked that lots. I don’t have very much news for you ‘cos I am not doing very much, but I am quite happy doing just the little bits I need to do.

That makes me a happy little puss.

Monday, 9 October 2017

A Bit of a Wimp

I hate to admit it, but I have discovered I am not as brave as I would like to be and I shall tell you why. The nurses came to my house today to take the staples out of my MH’s new knee and as they were sitting on my couch, I decided to have a look. Oh deary, deary me, how I wished I hadn’t. After a quick look and a wee listen, I had to take my adorable little self out of the window before I made an idiot of myself. Oh dear.

The rest of my day went well and I spent it helping my MH with her exercises, then going out to play before nap time. So I had a very good day after the nurse people went away.

The night time on my little island is coming a lot earlier now so when I go outside it is dark and I like that. There are lots of little mouses outside but I haven’t managed to catch any of them yet.

Mind you, I haven’t tried very hard.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

A Much Better Sunday.....

.... than last Sunday. It was OK then, but it was wet and windy and the worsest bit of all was that my MH wasn't here with me and you all know how I don't like that. I could hear her voice when she was talking to my DH but I couldn't see her and I couldn't cuddle up beside her and that made me a sad puss, but today I am a happy, happy, happy Squeak, and you all know why.

We have had a quiet day jut doing little bits of things and I am still helping the old dear do all her exercises and I know she appreciates that 'cos she strokes me while her leg is in the air and we are counting. It is really good fun although I don't think her new knee likes it as much as me! Hee hee.

We are having lots of visitors which I like 'cos it means more attention for me so really, everything is going very well for me right now, and I hope everything with you is OK too.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Super Saturday

I am very happy today. The weather has been quite good although it has been a wee bit too wet for me. BUT, being an intrepid little puss, I have been in and out lots of times and every time I comed home, my MH was waiting for me with lots of cuddles.

We have worked out that she was away from me for five days and every day I get about a hundred cuddles so she owes me lots and lots of cuddles and I intend to collect them all! I got a big surprise in the afternoon when my friend S. comed to see me and my MH and we had a good time. I went outside when she was here and when it started to rain, I nipped onto my window sill and S. let me in again and dried me.

I liked that lots so my Saturday has been very good and I hope so has yours.

Friday, 6 October 2017

A Very Contented Little Puss

All is well in my little world, and I hope everything is well with you too. We all had a very long sleep this morning even though it is not the weekend yet, but my MH was up through the night. I am not sure what for, but I think she was showing her new knee what it was like in dark time. Anyway, I had to get up with her to make sure she was OK and to get a little biscuit. I needed to be sure she had remembered our routine. And she had!

I helped her get ready and then my DH started to do some of the work that she can't do yet so I needed to watch him as well and then later in the afternoon when he was cooking, he opened the door and yours truly just sat on the mat and watched the world go by and I was very happy indeed.

My MH then decided she needed to do something on her laptop and she put it on the table rather than on her knee so when she was finished I suggested she write to you and tell you what I was doing and, as usual, she did just exactly as I had suggested.

Oh, I have trained her so, so well!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Very Good Day

For me anyway, although the weather has not been good at all. Me and my DH are very happy that my MH got home to us when she did or she might not be home yet! It is still very windy but it hasn’t keeped me in.

I have been very busy inside as well helping the old dear do all her exercises to make her knee feel all happy and I can now count to five! One and two and three and four and five and then a big sigh. Does everybody count like that?

You will see that there is a picture of this adorable little puss for you tonight and that is at my request. I was sitting on my MH’s old knee with my head on her shoulder and I told her that you would all be needing to see me soon and whenever I am in that position, she will give me anything!

So here I am!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A Bit of News

We have all had a very good day and I am a very happy little puss but me and my MH have decided that until her new knee is all better, it will just be me on her lap, so for a little while, there will just be short messages from your very favouritist adorable little puss.

Her knee is still too sore to put her laptop on top of it. I have finally been told all about the new knee and I can tell you now, dear friends, I am very sorry I asked but I think my MH is very brave ‘cos she told me she was awake all during the operation to put the new knee in her leg!

It took three buckets of water to bring me round!!!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

They are back!

Yippee! My MH and her knee are home again and I am a very happy little Squeak. I was a very good puss while she was away but some days I didn’t eat any of the dinners that my DH gave me and he got a wee bit annoyed so I gived in and ate them an he was happy.

I haven’t seen the knee yet but I have had a seat on the other one and this let me have a explore so when I find out more I will tell you.

I just wanted you to know we are all well.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bye Bye for a Wee While

I have had a good day again, but I am a wee bit sad 'cos my MH is going away tomorrow and I don't like when she isn't here with me but she has left me in charge of the house and my DH so I will need to be on my bestest behaviour.

And because I am going to be working very hard I decided to have a restful day today and so I have had a few outside plays but lots of snoozes as well so I am ready for whatever comes.

You will have guessed that you won't be hearing from me for a while but as soon as the Boss brings her new knee home, I will let you know---AND--I will also tell you where she is putting her knee 'cos I am sure you will all be as curious as me!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Just Normal

That's what my day has been. Just a normal Monday. My DH went away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH had a seat and a chat before she did all her housework and then I helped her pack her case for going away for her new knee. I wasn't happy doing that, but I knew she needed my help, so I was a good puss and just did it.

I managed to get out to play quite a lot of times but it was still a bit too wet for me so I spent most of my day inside. To be honest, I was quite happy to be inside 'cos I want to spend as much time as possible with my MH before she goes away to Aberdeen although she has told me that she won't be too long, so my adorable little paws are crossed that she will be home soon.

I shall let you know as soon as she arrives!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

A Good Sunday

I was a wee bit tired when it was time to get up this morning 'cos I had been up quite a lot of times through the night and so I was in a very good sleep when my MH decided it was time to get up. She was a wee bit tired too 'cos my poor old DH had been coughing a lot through the night and that wakened the old dear and when she is wakened, she has to get up to go a place---if you catch my drift?---and when she is up I have to get up as well to make sure she is Ok and also to have a wee biscuit, so you can see that we all had a slightly not very good night.

So, anyway, my MH got up and I decided to get up as well and after my breakfast I went out for quite a long time 'cos it was a fine morning and I do like being in the outside. There wasn't very much happening and so I alternated between playing outside and having lots of little snoozes and it was while I was having one such snooze, I heard my door opening and when I went to see who it was, I got a lovely surprise when I heard my friend S. saying hello to me, and I was a very happy and excited little puss.

We had a long chat and I told her about my big mishap last Sunday and she was very upset when she thinked about what could have happened to me, but I gived her a big purr to let her know I was very OK again. And I promised to try and keep safe in future which made her happy.

And so we were all very happy. and I hope you are happy too.