Friday, 23 June 2017

An Odd Day.....

.....but a good one too. My DH was up very early to go to the boat and I thought he was going away to leave me for the day, but a wee while later he comed back with two men that I didn't know and then they started to dig up bits of my garden. I was a wee bit very worried 'cos I wasn't sure if the Boss knew and if she didn't then she might be a wee bit REALLY angry, but she knewed. Phew!

My DH helped them and it tooked them all day to make my garden all lovely and tidy. Now, don't get me wrong. My MH does her very bestest to keep it lovely for me, but there are wee bits that are too hard for her and these men have made it a big lot easier and we are all very happy now.

It has been quite windy today so I didn't go out too much. I did have a wee wander about to see what the men had been doing and I did like it lots, but me and my MH are going to have a big explore tomorrow if the weather is good.

I hope you and me all have a very good weekend and maybe I will be able to show you a picture of my garden tomorrow if the wind is OK. I hope so

Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Fine Day

I am still having good fun and today has been a much better day for me 'cos both my humans have been here with me which is just purr-fect. The weather is still to my liking and I have been outside for nearly all the day.

I have had a very lazy day just lying on my path listening to the little birdies and then having a wander through the fields. The long grass is quite warm and it tickles my adorable little tummy when I am running through the field and it makes me happy.

I didn't neglect my MH of course and every now and then I would nip in to my house to see what she was doing and she appreciated that. I even went into the gym with her and helped her little legs do their exercises.

And the bestest bit of news is that my humans are not going away to leave me tonight. They had a good night last night and when they comed home, I sat on my MHs knee while she told me all about it, but tonight we are all at home together.

And that is just how I like it.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


This is just a wee message to let you know I am very well and I have had another super day, but both my humans were away out this evening and the old dear didn't have time today to tell you about me. Sigh!

They were at the Hall where my MH was having a quiz and a bingo night and she said it was very good but she is a wee bit tired now and she is going to bed. Can you guess where I am going?

I will snuggle up beside her for a little while and then I am going out a-hunting till I am tired. That might be very late 'cos I have been snoozing while they have been quizzing and bingoing, but I don't think I will tell them that. Hee hee.

Night, night.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Oh Goody

I am really liking this summer. It has been a lovely day and both my humans have been out in my garden with me which has made me a very happy little puss indeed. I have been outside since early morning with little trips into my house for a wee feed or a wee drink or a big cuddle, and I drinked up all my milk this morning before heading back outside again.

I didn't even mind when the old dear decided to cut my grass and when she was finished I had a roll in the newly cut lawn and it tickled me . I liked that lots. There is so much for this adorable little puss to see and to do and I just love my days being outside.

The sky is beautiful at night time too and my MH tooked this picture for you from our living room last night, but the beautifulest picture is of this adorable little puss having a snooze on my cat pillow before I head outside later on to have more good fun.

Oh yes, I am really liking this summer.

Monday, 19 June 2017

And So Another Week Begins

My days are much the same really, but every now and then they are a wee bit different and today was one of those wee bit different ones. It was quite a fine day although a wee bit windy but not enough to keep me in, so I have been wandering around my hunting places lots of times and it was good.

My timing this morning was perfect as usual as I just nipped in through the window in time to get my little drop of milk and my MH noticed something quite odd. I have told you that I love my little drop of milk when the old dear has finished her cereal and normally of a morning she has some muesli with fruit and milk and when she is finished that's when I get the last little drop, but yesterday she had corn flakes with fruit and milk and I didn't like the milk, but when she went back to her normal today I drinked it all up, so the old dear is confused. But between you and me, I just don't like cornflakes! Easy, yes?

I was left on my own this afternoon as my DH was at the Cat Shop and my MH was away doing her crafty things again, but I was fine 'cos I just had a snooze till she comed home and then I sat on her knee and we had a wee chat and a cuddle till the old boy comed home too.

So, now we are all together in my house and I am resting until it is time for me to go out for my nightly ramble before bed time. Quite a life, eh?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Very Lazy Sunday...

... but a very good one too. As I have told you millions of times, me and my humans don't do very much on a Sunday although the old dear sometimes cuts the grass but today was too wet and windy for her so we all did very little except relax and that was good.

I have been in and out lots of times but just for little times 'cos it was a bit windy and there were little showers of rain lots of times and you know I don't like getting wet. I had a wee giggle to myself this afternoon 'cos I flummoxed my MH and it was a wee bit very funny. I shall explain, but first I have to tell you that I have taken to hiding my adorable little self under our couch in the living room. I like it there 'cos I can hear everything that is happening and nobody can see me until I decide to come out again. OK?

So, this afternoon I asked my MH to let me out and she opened the window and left it open for me for a while but the wind was a bit naughty so she had to close it later on. After a while she got a bit worried 'cos I wasn't in my house and she looked all over for me. She went outside and called for me but I didn't answer and she was a wee bit very worried in case something had happened to me but when she went back in I was sitting on top of my couch!

She couldn't work out how I got there 'cos the window was closed but then she worked out that when she was working in one of the other rooms I had come in and nipped under my couch. She closed the window and went out to find me, but I was in all the time. Oh, my dear friends, we had a great big chuckle about it and I got a ginormous cuddle which was brilliant.

It was good fun.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Normal Again

Both my humans have been at home with me today and there has been lots of cuddle time for this adorable little puss so you will know that I am very happy. I am so used to having at least one human at my beck and call that I get quite peeved when that doesn't happen but fortunately it doesn't happen a lot although I am starting to hear rumblings about them going away on holiday! We shall see!

I have had a very lazy day and I have liked it lots. The weather wasn't brilliant but it didn't keep me in and I had a few wanders into the fields and a wee sniff here and there which was lovely and then of course as soon as I went in the window, my MH was there to cuddle me and talk to me so I really couldn't have asked for a better day.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be the same but I know that if the weather is right then the old dear will have the lawn mower out 'cos the daisies are growing and that does not please her at all. I don't mind really cos I like playing on it when it is all nice and short and today's picture is an action one of yours truly as I raced across the grass to get a cuddle.

I think I look particularly fetching and I am sure you will agree :-))