Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Wee Bit Awful

That's what the weather has been today on my little island and I have been soaking wet lots of times 'cos every time I went out, I managed to go where it was raining and it made my adorable little body all wet. Mind you, you all know that I don't really mind being wet 'cos it means I always get cuddled dry and that makes me happy--as well as not wet anymore!

Both my humans were at home with me today and neither of them had any work to do, so all their time was for me and we played lots together as well as me still helping the old dear with her exercises. She has to do them three times every day but after Christmas she says she can just do them two times so I won't be as busy then! Hee hee

It is night time now and it is very dark and I am sitting on my window sill watching for the rain to go off and as soon as it does then I am heading outside again and I know I will probably get wet, but that's OK. I will soon dry and then it will be bed time so I can cuddle up beside my MH.

But I can only do that if I am not wet! She is a wee bit fussy Sigh!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Good Fun

Yes, I have had a good day today and even the weather has been kind to me and my humans which has made us all very happy indeed.

My humans weren't too long away from me last night and when they comed home, my MH let me sit on her knee and she told me all about what the little childrens did at their party and they all had a good game playing all the games that my MH told them to do, so it was a good night for them all. AND, Santa Claus came to our little island with lots of presents so everyone was very happy indeed.

Today has been a good day too and the good weather meant that I could get out to play as much as I wanted so I have been in and out quite a lot of times which has been super duper. I got a wee new toy for my birthday and I have been playing with it today. It is a wee mouse and my MH presses it and it makes a wee red spot on my carpet and I have to chase the wee red spot and I love doing that 'specially as my MH has to play with me and that makes me the happiest little eight year old puss in the en-tire world!


Friday, 15 December 2017

Altogether Now .......

......Happy birthday to me.....! Did I tell you it was my birthday today and I am now eight years old! A growed up kitten cat and even more adorable than ever. I have had a lovely day so far with presents, my very favourite dinner and LOTS of cuddles, so I am happy.

Me and my humans were thinking back a whole eight years to when I was just borned and I was a very poorly little puss indeed and abandoned with my brothers and sisters till a lovely lady from the Cat Protection founded me and made me a bit better. Then a while later I comed to my forever home and my humans looked after me and made me completely better and we love one another millions!

I am having a lazy day and to be honest I am just a tad peeved ‘cos my humans are going to a party tonight and I can’t go! My MH said it is the Christmas Party for the little childrens but I said I should be able to go ‘cos it is my birthday, but I am afraid the old dear put her foot down, so I shall be on my own for a while tonight. Sigh!

I will make sure they make it up to me tomorrow!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Quite a Busy Day......

.... for me and my humans. The weather was quite good so I was busy visiting all the places I hadn't been to for a few days and my MH was busy doing all her housework and getting all my house shining clean for my birthday and for Santa Claus. My DH was busy making a frame for a picture that my MH had made, so we were all doing our own things but every now and then I would come home and get a cuddle from one of them and that was good. I have been trying to keep myself very busy today so that I might be able to sleep tonight because I know I am going to be very excited 'cos I will be eight years old tomorrow. It will be my birthday! Yahoo!!

I know I am a very lucky puss 'cos I m in my forever home with my humans who love me millions and who make me the happiest little puss in the en-tire world. I have a great time and I love being on my little island where I have lots of animal friends and where all the humans know me and love me, so I have everything a puss could want and I love it.

I have some presents under my Christmas tree and my MH says I can open my birthday present tomorrow and that has made me even more excited but I know I will have to sleep 'cos if I don't and if I waken the old dear, she might get a wee bit annoyed with me.

But it is my birthday, so I think I would be safe enough!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Quiet Times

.... but good times. I have had a good day and my humans have had a good day too. The weather wasn't all that brilliant on my little island and it was raining a lot but I did go out a couple of times for little trips round my garden.

My MH had a very quiet day before she had to go to the Hall to do something with the little childrens for something called a Nativity Play. I don't know what it is all about but I will ask her and she will tell me all about it. It was quite funny 'cos she just went away out and I thought I was going to be lonely but then my DH comed in to look after me and I was happy again. And anyway, the old dear was home soon and I am now in my favourite position which is on her knee with my adorable little head on her laptop!

I might go out before bedtime but I have discovered that as I am getting older I don't like being wet or cold, so I might just stay where I am.

For Ever!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


That's what my day has been since the minute I opened my adorable little eyes. In fact, even before that 'cos me and my MH had one of our special through-the-night whispers and I just love those 'cos while she is talking to me in the very dark time, she is stroking my little lugs and then we both go back to sleep.

So, I was in a very good mood when we got up and then when I saw what the postie man had bringed me, my mood got even better 'cos he bringed me another card. Yes, I got another birthday card all the way from Germany from my friends P. and H. and their little pussy cat and there was a letter for me which made me so very happy when my MH read it out to me and all the time she was reading, I was purring very loudly and that made her smile a lot so we were both very happy.

BUT, that wasn't all. Oh, dear me no, not at all 'cos there was a parcel for me too and when the old dear opened it up, it was a new little rug all for me and it is lovely. I don't usually sit on the floor as you know, 'cos I prefer to sit beside or on top of my MH, but this little mat is so lovely I will probably sit on it sometimes.

In fact, I did that this afternoon and the old dear tooked a picture of me so that you can see what it looks like and I am sure you will think it is lovely too. So, all that and the fact that the weather on my little island had been good today has made sure that I have had a super day and I am hoping that all the days up until my birthday will be as good as this one.

Did you know it will be my birthday on Friday? Hee hee.

Monday, 11 December 2017

A Very Quiet Day

Me and my humans thought we had all gone deaf when we wakened up this morning 'cos we couldn't hear anything but then we realised that there was no wind at all! Yippee, it was lovely and quiet and we were all very happy 'specially my DH who was going on the boat to the Cat Shop and when it is windy it makes the boat bounce up and down at the pier and it is hard to get on, but it was very fine for him this morning so that made us all happy too.

I gobbled up some breakfast and then nipped out the door for a very long wander and I liked it 'cos I could walk properly and not fight against the wind or try to keep my adorable little feets on the ground so it was a very pleasant time. My MH was doing her usual housework and of course, her exercises, so I was able to help her with those and as usual, she appreciated it. She always does.

Then I got a big surprise 'cos the old dear decided to clean her windows that the wind had covered in muck and salt. Well, she didn't really WASH them, she tooked my DH's hose and scooted water on the windows and while she was doing this, I played in my garden and watched her and we both liked being outside. It was good 'specially when it wasn't winding on us. But the funny thing was that as soon as we both got inside, the rain came on! Oh, we did giggle!

So, you can see that I have had a very good day and I am looking forward to later on when I can get out in the dark time and if the weather stays like it is now, then I will probably be out for a long, long time. Oh brilliant!